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Head of AI Engineering

Head of AI Engineering

JOB TARGET / RAISON D'ÊTRE                                                                                
Preligens has developed efficient monitoring tools based on an automated analysis of geospatial information and multiple other sources. By combining state-of-the-art AI techniques in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Preligens provides its customers with more reliable and more precise information, thus enabling faster interventions for a safer environment.
Our fast growth (x5/year) is fueled by international development (UK, Germany, US) and development of new product lines.
We are looking for an open-minded individual who strives for excellence and delivering quality outputs.
You will join the Data Stack team to improve the architectures and constructions of geographic databases. You will bring your knowledge and expertise to improve the structuring of the existing processes.
You will be the lead on several technical topics and the manager of an autonomous multidisciplinary team (Data Scientists, ML Engineers & Software engineers).

Preligens is growing and opening a center in Rennes to develop innovative AI algorithms and provide cutting edge solutions to our clients. In this context we are recruiting a brilliant professional to build and develop the team there (6 people now, 20+ in the future), interact and develop relations with the main base and serve as technical POC for clients of the Rennes entity.

Your tasks will include :
●      Recruit and Lead a mix team of Data scientists, ML engineers and Software engineers to provide our client with cutting edge solutions
●      Develop the activity with the Head of Rennes center, influence strategy  and act as technical PoC for client
●      Develop internal tools needed and new AI algorithms
●      Be responsible for the AI technical roadmap in the Rennes center (tools & AI algorithms) and interact with the Paris center to influence internal tool roadmap, escalate needs and diffuse knowledge between the two entities.
●      Diffuse Preligens culture for excellence, testing and reliability and train newcomers to our good practices


●      At least 5 years experience as a developer, Data Scientist or ML engineer
●      A first experience in Management of technical team, proven leadership skills
●      Strong skills in machine learning engineering and experience putting AI in production
●      Experience delivering high quality code, CI and CD
●      Strong autonomy and listening skills, ability to discuss with different stakeholders
●      Curious and versatile mind, with general knowledge in AI, DevOps and Software development
●      Fluent in English
●      Client and result oriented mindset


●      Work in AI in critical environments
●      Experience in computer vision or devOps
●      Advanced experience in recruiting and managing tech team
●      Advanced experience with client interactions
●      Working with automatic CI and CD processes, taste for TDD
This position need to be eligible to a French security clearance