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R&D - AI C-Cube
Data Scientist Manager

Data Scientist Manager


As a Full Stack Data Scientist Manager, you will join Preligens to manage the AI Structured Data team, and improve the algorithms and the codebase.

The role of the AI Structured Data team is to develop / improve the AI Structured Data based algorithms working on different types of Structured data in very large databases:
Native Structured Data that correspond with very large databases
Outputs of our existing Image & NLP based detectors (such as our Image based aircrafts and vessels detectors, our press article topic classifier, etc.)
Time-series & Anomalies resulting from our different algorithms (Image, Text, Structured Data)
These Structured Data algorithms are key to find anomalies, patterns and weak signals inside the tsunami of data in order to provide very valuable insights to our end-users.
You will both have the role of the team leader, and also technical lead on at least one algorithm or/and a part of our product.


You will manage the AI Structured Data team and be in charge of the Structured Data  based detectors.

You will:
Lead at least one Structured Data detector squad: technical choices, training/testing the algorithms, technical meeting animation, technical roadmap, etc.

Manage the AI Structured Data team: coaching and development of the tech leads and juniors in the team,  plan manpower, propose organizational / good practices /  tools improvements, junior recruitment, etc.
You will work closely with the product manager so that the technical choices and roadmap are aligned with the product goals and client needs.

You will also work closely with the other teams involved with your team:
- The AI Engineering team, to improve our internal AI framework and integrate new features The software team, to put the detectors into production
- The Data Stack team, that is responsible for creating and maintaining a knowledge base that the AI Structured Data algorithms use
- The Product and Business Experts teams, to understand the client needs and to get feedback on the algorithm results.


Lead at least one AI Structured Data algorithm squad:
- Leading the technical part of the development of an algorithm: technical choices, technical meeting animation, technical roadmap, daily stand-up, etc.
- Contributing to our AI framework to enhance productivity and reliability.
- Developing, training and testing the machine Learning algorithms using our AI framework.
- Coming up with new ideas to push forward the performance of our algorithms. 

Lead a technical part of the product:
Ensure technical coherence and architecture of the stack, make structural technical decision Ensure mid-long term planning, delivery and coherence with OKR

Manage the AI Structured Data team:
- Develop the juniors and tech leads in the team by providing regular feedback and coaching
- Plan manpower and make sure that it is aligned with the team goals
- Propose organizational / good practices /  tools improvements
- Define team pain points to improve its efficiencyRecruit junior profiles
- Diffuse the company values
- Diffuse technical knowledge and good practices inside the team


- >4 years of experience as a Full Stack Data Scientist or Data Engineer
- Solid hands on experience designing and working with very large data bases (SQL, Elasticsearch, etc.)
- Strong Python / Software development skills
- Knowledge in Machine Learning
- Proven experience in Work Package (WP) delivery as technical leader in complex projects using agile development methods.
- Proven experience in managing or coaching technical leads or at least junior several profiles.
- Autonomy, organizational skills, and very good reporting capabilities
- Very pragmatic, analytical and problem solving skills
- Willingness to take on challenges, show resiliency and like to always learn new skills

- Strong knowledge in Machine Learning
- Proficiency with docker
- Experience working in a startup environment