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Product Management
Head of Product

Head of Product

Preligens has developed efficient monitoring tools based on an automated analysis of geospatial information and multiple other sources. By combining state-of-the-art AI techniques in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Preligens provides its customers with more reliable and more precise information, thus enabling faster interventions for a safer environment.

As a Head of Product, you will be responsible for the development of one of Preligens’ products, managing a dedicated team of product managers. You will propose and enforce priorities regarding new features, innovation and consolidation needs, ensuring that the quality of the product improves regularly and flawlessly. Your vision will encompass deep learning algorithms, back-end and front-end software, cloud and on premise deployment strategies. Fully committed to a customer centric approach, you will find the right balance between Preligens product strategy, commercial goals and tech teams growth. Defense clearance is mandatory for this job.


- Manage the dedicated product team
- Formalize the product vision according to the identified customer needs, the global product strategy of the company, the capacity of our tech teams
- Contribute to the good practices for Preligens product development and be their best evangelist
- Help assessing strategic opportunities for Preligens
- Enable and support change management in client's organizations to maximize adoption and success of Preligens products
- Prepare and animate quarterly meetings with Preligens Executive Committee, then implement the related decisions, according to the elaborated balance between customer centric, strategic, commercial and technical goals


- Define the product vision, ensuring the product satisfies the most strategic needs of our customers while staying unique, up to date, maintainable and robust
- Propose a reasoned recruitment planning and proceed to its realization, anticipating new projects or ambitions and teammates movements
- Coordinate the teams involved in your product, animating regular events used to exchange ideas, identify progress points, explain the product strategy; manage internal communication regarding the product strategy and current priorities
- Define objectives and key achievement steps for the product manager you manage
- Help them to align sprint goals with the reality of tech team capacities and contribute to definition of  these teams’ recruitment plan; when required, provides guidance to de-prioritize subjects to ensure the delivery of other deliverables
- Ensure the exhaustivity and quality of specifications prepared by your team to enable tech team to produce the bests results
- Attend client meetings, explain the product current scope and its vision, propose solutions that are attainable at a controlled short, medium and long term cost
- Pilot product discovery : Search for new use cases meeting potential new customers and hunting for up to date info about the product’s technological landscape (product discovery)


- At least 5 year of experience as a product manager
- Management of product managers experience
- Excellent organizational skills and autonomy
- Willingness to take on challenges, show resiliency and always learn new skills
- Both excellent oral and written skills in French

- Experience in data science or software engineering with hands on experience
- Experience in customer relations and business processes digitization
- Experience in startups or high reliability companies (cloud-based services, software providers, aerospace, defense…) with direct responsibility to maintain and improve products, infrastructures and processes would be a very strong asset