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Junior Delivery Engineer

Junior Delivery Engineer

JOB TARGET / RAISON D'ÊTRE                                                                                
Preligens has developed efficient monitoring tools based on an automated analysis of geospatial information and multiple other sources. By combining state-of-the-art AI techniques in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Preligens provides its customers with more reliable and more precise information, thus enabling faster interventions for a safer environment.
As a member of the Product Team, you will be responsible for the quality of service Preligens products offer to its customers. On a day to day basis, you will exploit the cloud instances of our products, ensuring the offered services satisfy our internal availability and robustness needs. Based on that experience, you will also manage on premise deployments. These missions will provide you a solid knowledge of our product stacks and enable you to infer on product development and testing strategy, in coordination with Product Managers and developers..
Frequent travel is required, mainly in the greater Paris region but also abroad. Defense clearance is mandatory for this job.
●      Availability and fiability of the cloud instances of Preligens products
●      On premise instances update
●      Data integration monitoring
●      Internal and customer level 2 support
●      Coordination with product managers and developers for deployment and testing strategies
●      Exploit our product stacks from a technical point of view, using the integrated monitoring and management tools
●      Propose enhancements for making our products easy to maintain
●      Validate new stack deployment and management tools
●      Update our internal and external (including on premise) product stacks
●      Maintain an up to date map of all our product instances listing deployed modules versions and stack purposes (testing, pre-production, production, demonstration…)
●      Contribute to the writing of exploitation guides for our product
●      Contribute to code and feature enhancements, either by coding yourself or by participating to Preligens product and development meetings
●      Provide on site and distant technical support to our customers, based on your own practice on internal stacks. Direct level 3 request to our internal experts and help them reproduce specific conditions on our own stacks.
●      Client focus and excellent interpersonal skills
●      Determination to learn from experts and to leverage that knowledge by helping us to prioritize feature development from an exploitation point of view
●      Experience in Python 3, Docker and databases (any kind)
●      Organizational skills, autonomy, and reporting capabilities
●      Experience working with data processing and pipeline technologies
●      Experience working with Kubernetes and/or Docker Swarm
●      Experience with cloud infrastructure implementation (AWS, Google)
●      On premise software deployment know-how