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R&D - AI C-Cube
Deep Learning Scientist Intern

Deep Learning Scientist Intern

You will join the AI Product team for a 6-month internship to improve our Computer vision / Deep Learning-based detectors that are in production today (aircrafts, vessels, buildings, hot spots, anomalies, etc) on satellite images.


You will be part of a dedicated team that constantly pushes forward the performance of our algorithms in production by applying the latest innovations of our AI R&D team, and integrates them into our products.
You will work inside a squad of 2-3 Deep Learning Scientists, including a squad leader who will coach you to help you grow.
You will work closely with:
- the AI R&D team, to apply their state-of-the-art innovations in order to push forward the performance of our algorithms in production
- the AI Engineering team, to integrate new features and improve our internal AI framework
- the Data Stack team, that will help you with data management and selection
- the Business Experts, to get feedback on the algorithm results and understand the client needs
- the Software team, to integrate the algorithms into the products


Your tasks will include:
- Working on the whole data lifecycle including: data collection, database design & development, data exploration, algorithm development & testing, and algorithm integration into the products
- Developing, training, testing, and deploying the algorithms using our AI framework
- Coming up with new ideas to push forward the performance of our algorithms
- Contributing to the specifications and development of our AI framework to enhance productivity and algorithm performance
- Applying the latest innovations of our AI R&D team to push forward the performance, and testing new state-of-the-art methods from scratch based on recent articles (especially in the fields of segmentation, object detection, ensembling, and active/continuous learning)
- Understanding the needs and expectations for the algorithms by communicating with your squad leader, our Business Experts and Product Managers
- Working closely with the GIS team and business experts to understand those needs


- Education in the field of Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Computer Vision or related field
- Know-how in the fields of data science & deep learning
- Understanding of Convolutional Neural Networks architectures for Segmentation and Object Detection
- Good software engineering skills with Python
- Rigorous, creative and meticulous mind
- Organizational skills, autonomy, and reporting capabilities
- Willingness to take on challenges, show resiliency and like to always learn new skills

- Experience with Deep Learning framework such as Keras and/or TensorFlow is a plus
- Strong knowledge in Computer Vision
- Skills in ElasticSearch, SQL, Docker, Git and Cloud environments (AWS, GCP etc.)
- Experience working in a startup environment
- Experience working with remote sensing images