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DevOps - AI - Rennes

DevOps - AI - Rennes

JOB TARGET / RAISON D'ÊTRE                                                                                
Preligens has developed efficient monitoring tools based on an automated analysis of geospatial information and multiple other sources. By combining state-of-the-art AI techniques in both Computer Vision and Deep Learning, Preligens provides its customers with more reliable and more precise information, thus enabling faster interventions for a safer environment.
Our fast growth (x5/year) is fueled by international development (UK, Germany, US) and development of new product lines.
Preligens is growing and opening a new center in Rennes to focus on developing innovative object detection & classification AI algorithms and cutting edge solutions for our clients on our imagery product.
In this context, we are recruiting a brilliant DevOps to join the AI Engineering team and help them with their core mission: provide and guarantee operational object detection and classification performances for the product.
To that end, your objective will be to increase the reliability, agility and performance of the bespoke tools and frameworks they build to support and increase the productivity of the Data Science team and the annotation process.
On-site working (no remote).

You will own the processes and tooling that can contribute to the reliability of our solutions, including infrastructure design and operation, how our capacity meets our needs and how to release our products.
You will report to the Head of AI Engineering of the Rennes center.
You will work closely with :
●        The Head of AI Engineering
●        The Software development team
●        The Product Management team
●        The end-users (including the Data Science team) of the tools you develop to better understand their needs and help them to push forward the algorithm performances

●      Provide services to the Data Science, Software Engineering and other end-users to help them focus on what they are expert at.
●      Working closely with the above-mentioned teams to understand the end-user needs.
●      Deploy, manage and improve the CI / CD pipelines of our tools and products
●      Implement, maintain and monitor project infrastructure and resources
●      Perform and automate deployments
●      Be a stakeholder and architecture and design concerns
●     Promote state-of-the-art quality and automation culture
We are looking for an open-minded individual with impressive skills, a proven track record. The skills listed below are key to be up to this challenge.
●     At least 5 years of experience in same position
●     Ability to explain technical topics to different audiences
●     Good organizational skills, autonomy, and reporting capabilities
●     Experience working on-premise infrastructure or in a system-level context
●     Experience working on Docker with an orchestration system
●     Experience in implementing CI / CD pipelines and related challenges
●     You are comfortable with a programming language, preferably Python
●     You have a wide technical background, from infrastructure to development
●     You are an ambassador for automation and quality
●      Experience working on cloud (AWS) or hybrid infrastructure
●      Experience in startups or high reliability companies
●      You already worked for Defense, Aerospace or Intelligence companies
●      Experience working with GPU intensive frameworks and/or AI technologies
●      Experience working on data platforms (data lake, data warehouse, Spark...)
●      Mastering a low-level technical topic (network, storage, database...)
●      You aren’t following the trend, but you are attached to finding the best solution to a problem

The ability to obtain a French security clearance is mandatory