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Roberta #4

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Roberta #4


The [artificial] intelligence newsletter


Roberta Wohlstetter (1912-2007)
Pioneer of modern intelligence

The race for artificial intelligence is on and is currently being played out between the United States and China. For countries that do not fully adopt AI, the risk of downgrade is real. Innovative companies are already influencing good practices. In this fourth edition of Roberta, our point of view on this subject is detailed in an article published in La Tribune. Our ethical charter is deciphered, the influence of the work of Hans Jonas and Hannah Arendt on the ethics of technology is recounted in an episode of our eponymous podcast. The notion of bias is explained. And as always, a case study is showcased, an application of our artificial intelligence technology, which is ethical 'by design'.

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Arnaud Guérin and Renaud Allioux, co-founders of Preligens

AI ethics: Defense actors lead the way Arnaud Guérin's opinion in La Tribune

For countries that do not fully adopt AI, the risk of downgrading is real. Rather than fearing it, it is advisable to control its uses and effects in order to put in place the conditions for its virtuous deployment. Because like any powerful tool, it also carries the possibility of drift and damage. This is what Europe has understood and has taken the lead in a vast project to develop global standards in this area.

LinkedIn’s job-matching AI was biased. The company’s solution? More AI

Years ago, LinkedIn discovered that the recommendation algorithms it uses to match job candidates with opportunities were producingbiased results. The algorithms were ranking candidates partly on the basis of how likely they were to apply for a position or respond to a recruiter. The system wound up referring more men than women for open roles simply because men are often more aggressive at seeking out new opportunities.

A concrete use case

Missing submarines monitoring

With heavy annual vessel traffic, the port of Bandar Abbas, Iran, is specialized in refueling and bunkering operations.

This port is the country’s largest oil export and refueling complex, and controls the Strait of Hormuz, which is the gateway to the Persian Gulf. It is therefore a highly strategic site for Iran.

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A word of vocabulary

A biased result is slightly distorted, out of line, misleading in relation to the truth.
We talk about bias in artificial intelligence, because in order to train an algorithm we provide data. And if, during the collection, selection or use of this data, the implicit human influence comes into play, then the results will also be biased.

For example, a CV sorting algorithm, if biased, may favour men over women.

Interview : Preligens’ ethics charter

Eve Arakelian, VP Marketing and Public Affairs at Preligens, explains why and how the company has set up an ethical charter. This charter acts as a backbone to support Preligens' hypergrowth phase.

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Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) and Hans Jonas (1903-1993) - were two eminent intellectuals of the 20th century, two Jews, two Germans driven into exile by Hitler's rise to power in 1933; friends, lovers for a few days in their early youth, but above all one of the most fruitful philosophical dialogues in history.

On scientific issues, Arendt confessed her fears of a decline in thought and morality in the face of the power of new techniques; Jonas understood her doubts and succeeded in modelling a new ethics of tech practices in a book that was to become a landmark at the end of the 1970s - "The Imperative of Responsibility".

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Arendt, Jonas and the ethics of technology
Arendt, Jonas and the ethics of technology
Arendt, Jonas and the ethics of technology
Submarine monitoring at Bandar Abbas
Submarine monitoring at Bandar Abbas
Submarine monitoring at Bandar Abbas
Newsletter Roberta
Newsletter Roberta
Newsletter Roberta