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Preligens sponsor of DGI 2021

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Preligens sponsor of DGI 2021

02/01/2021 by Preligens

State of Multi-Intelligence Strategy @DGI - Defence Geospatial Intelligence 2021

General (ret) Grégoire de Saint Quentin, Former Chief of Joint Operations (CJO), gave an inspiring introductory keynote, highlighting the importance of having flexible technological solutions in today’s and future operations.

The discussion continued with a great panel featuring Colonel Richard Blunt (UK MoD), and David Gauthier (NGA), moderated by Mark Knapp.

They explored how to develop a multi-source GEOINT strategy that harnesses continuous advances in technology whilst meeting ever changing mission demands.


Key highlights of this panel:

✔️ “Human creativity” is at the core of a successful AI/ML integration.

✔️ There are many opportunities for AI/ML to address first-phase analysis, some opportunities to address second-phase analysis, and a few opportunities to address third-phase analysis.

✔️ The integrity and verification of OSINT sources is a serious topic that Government organisations now have to tackle.

✔️ Allied and coalition partnerships remain a priority for future AI/ML programs.

✔️ Commercial partnerships enable government organisations to ingest non-traditional intelligence sources.