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Preligens sponsor of FedGIS 2021

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Preligens sponsor of FedGIS 2021

02/23/2021 by Preligens

Panel: Maximizing National Security Investments in AI

As long-time partners of Esri’s, we proudly supported the FedGIS 2021 conference.

Mark Knapp discussed with top-speakers — Patrick Biltgen (Booz Allen Hamilton), Brady Cline (Esri), and Dr. Grant Scott (University of Missouri-Columbia) — on the integration of AI/ML technologies across the national security enterprise.


The panelists discussed key topics:

❓How can defense and intelligence organizations prepare their workforces for AI?

❓What are the best practices for transitioning AI capabilities developed in academic or industry labs to national security organizations?

❓With earth observation (#EO) already a focus area, which other national security functions could be good candidates for AI?

❓How can government customers best take advantage of commercial investments in AI capabilities?

❗Emphasize on the need for “explainable AI” to speed adoption of AI workflows at national security organizations.

❗Highlight on the disparity between humans and machines when considering decision points during assessments, with humans averaging 7-11 decision points compared to machines using 1000s.

❓How could national security organizations use socio-technologists for determining what workflows are most appropriate for AI applications?


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Preligens sponsor of DGI 2021
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Newsletter Roberta
Newsletter Roberta