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R&D AI - Engineering
Deep Learning Engineer

Deep Learning Engineer


You will join the AI Engineering team to contribute to the integration of all the latest Deep Learning developments in our AI Framework. You will be part of a dedicated team that continuously improves our AI Framework (building datasets on remote sensing images, training on fully configurable CNNs, optimizing model ensembling, inference engine etc.) in order to always push forward the performances of our algorithm.
It means that you will learn from experts in the dedicated AI team, and that you will work on state-of-the-art topics in the field of deep learning. Depending on the scope of the tasks, you may also work with members of the other teams: the AI Research team if you integrate their latest findings, the Deep Learning Scientists if you work on improving our AI Framework for them or even our internal business experts if you work on improving an already existing detector or developing a new one.


- Contribute to the overall improvements of our AI Framework
- Contribute to the integration of new features in our AI Framework
- Diffusion of good code practices


Your tasks may include one or several of the followings:
- Developing and integrating in our AI Framework state-of-the-art methods of the deep learning or computer vision literature or innovations from our AI Research team (especially in the fields of segmentation, object detection, ensembling, and active/continuous learning).
- Ensuring the code quality of our AI Framework by applying good practices and following the recommendations and guidelines put in place by the other members of the team.
- Improving the existing code of the AI Framework, to improve performance or ease of use. 

Here is a short list of tasks example you may have to tackle: 
- Adding a new deep learning optimizer
- Integrating a new deep learning model
- Adding a new metric to evaluate the performance of our algorithms,Integrating a new computer vision processing
- Working to make our AI Framework compatible with a new type of data
- Adding new visualization to display our algorithm performance
- Optimizing an existing models combination method


- 2 years related working experience
- Education in computer science, machine learning, computer vision  or similar field
- A good understanding of CNNs for segmentation and object detection
- Practical experience in deep learning and/or big computer projects (other internships, personal side projects, ...)
- Good programming skills in Python
- Experience with some DevOps tools (for instance Github, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, …)
- Rigorous, creative and meticulous mind
- Excellent organizational skills, autonomy, and reporting capabilities
- Willingness to take on challenges, show resiliency and like to always learn new skills

- Knowledge in computer vision
- Knowledge in remote sensing imagery
- Good knowledge of programmation (OO programming, tdd, unit test are not unknown words for you)
- Experience with Keras and/or TensorFlow