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R&D - AI C-Cube
Full Stack Data Scientist NLP

Full Stack Data Scientist NLP

As a Junior Full Stack Data Scientist NLP, you will join the AI NLP team at Preligens, and improve our algorithms and our codebase.
The main mission of the AI NLP team is to develop / improve the AI NLP based algorithms working on different types of textual data in large databases. The AI NLP team mainly handles textual data, often open source, which could come from social networks, press feeds, logs, etc., but sometimes the team can also manipulate other types of data, especially geo-referenced data.
The AI NLP team is in charge of designing the pipelines to gather the data (API Calls, database interaction, etc) and then developing different types of algorithms (classification, clustering, information extraction, etc.). These algorithms are key and provide very valuable insights to our end-users.


You will be part of a dedicated team that constantly pushes forward the performance of our algorithms in production (or create new algorithms from scratch), and integrate them into our products.
You will work inside a squad of 2-3 Full Stack Data Scientists, including a squad leader who will coach you to help you grow.
You will work closely with :
- the AI R&D team, to apply their state-of-the-art innovations in order to push forward the performance of our algorithms in production
- the AI-Engineering team, to integrate new features and improve our internal AI framework
- the Data Stack team, that will help you with data management and selection
- the Business Experts, to get feedback on the algorithm results and understand the client needs
- the Software team, to integrate the algorithms into the products


Your tasks will include:
- Working on the whole data life-cycle including: data collection, database design & development, data exploration, algorithm development & testing, and algorithm integration into the products.
- Developing, testing, and deploying the algorithms using our AI framework.
- Coming up with new ideas to push forward the performance of our algorithms.
- Contributing to the specifications and development of our AI framework to enhance productivity and algorithm performance. 
- Applying the latest innovations of our AI R&D team to the use case to push forward the performance of our algorithms.
- Understanding the needs and expectations for the algorithms to improve  by communicating with your squad leader, our Business Experts and Product Managers.
- Coming up with new ideas to improve our team and squad processes


- Education in the field of Data Engineering or Machine Learning (Master degree, or courses)
- 1+ years experience as a Full Stack Data Scientist ideally in the field of NLP
- Hands on experience working with databases (Elasticsearch, Postgresql, etc.)
- Good Python / Software development skills
-Professional experience in machine learning and/or deep learning applied to NLP (during internship or first job experience)
- Strong interest in working on the entire value chain of a project (from data acquisition to the deployment of algorithms).
- Autonomy, organizational skills, and good reporting capabilities
- Very pragmatic, analytical and problem solving skills
- Willingness to take on challenges, show resiliency and like to always learn new skills

- Strong knowledge in TensorFlow 
- Good knowledge of Transformer architecture
- Proficiency with docker
- Experience working in a startup environment