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Advanced Projects
Full Stack Data Scientist

Full Stack Data Scientist

As a Full Stack Data Scientist joining the Advanced projects team, your technical expertise and creativity will be put to the test as you build the innovative prototypes that will pave the way for future products.
The mission of the Advanced projects team is to implement exciting technologies, evaluate new sources of data and develop prototypes for forthcoming products. Full Stack Data Scientists are “jack-of-all-trades” working on each stage of the data pipelines, from problem definition to model deployment. They identify sources before engineering their collection and storage, explore the data , build robust code and deploy their models to production.


You will work inside a squad of 2-3 full stack data scientists, including a squad leader who will coach you to help you grow.

You will work closely with :
- The AI R&D team, to apply their state-of-the-art innovations in order to push forward the performance of our algorithms in production.
- The AI Engineering team, to integrate new features and improve our internal AI framework.
- The Data Stack team, that will help you with data management and selection.
- The business experts, to get feedback on the algorithm results and understand the client needs.
- The Software team, to integrate the algorithms into the products.


Your tasks will include:
- Working on the whole data lifecycle including: data collection, database design & development, data exploration, algorithm development & testing, and algorithm integration into the products.
- Quickly getting comfortable with new algorithms, softwares and technologies.
- Developing prototypes to demonstrate the viability of innovative product ideas.
- Coming up with new ideas to explore in the next development cycle.
- Understanding the needs and expectations of the project by communicating with your squad leader, our Business Experts and Product Managers.


- Master degree or PhD in Data science,  Engineering, Physics, Computer science or equivalent
- 2 years experience as a Full Stack Data Scientist
- Creative, innovative and curious mind ‘Can do’ attitude and ability to learn quickly
- Strong programming experience, especially in Python
- Ability to carry a project on your own in a structured way within a short timeframe
- Proficiency with data engineering tools: Cloud storage and computing, Docker deployment
- Hands on experience designing and working with databases (SQL, Elasticsearch, etc.)
- Strong communication skills in english 

- Experience working in a startup environment   
- Experience working with geospatial data Experience of test-driven development
- Interest in geospatial intelligence and geostrategy