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How Wagner weaves its web in Mali

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How Wagner weaves its web in Mali

By Vincent Lamigeon for Challenges, 01/24/22

"Little by little, Wagner is weaving its web in Mali, and it is beginning to become apparent. Satellite images from Airbus Intelligence, unveiled exclusively by Challenges, show the rapid progress of construction work on a camp belonging to the Russian paramilitary company on land adjacent to Bamako airport, south of the runways. The existence of this camp was first mentioned on 23 December by a French government source. "Today, repeated air rotations with military transport planes belonging to the Russian army and facilities at Bamako airport have been noted, allowing the reception of a significant number of mercenaries," the source said. Wagner's presence in Mali was denounced at the end of December by the country's Western partners in the fight against armed terrorist groups, and confirmed on 21 January by General Stephen Townsend, commander of AFRICOM, the unified command that coordinates US military activities on the African continent. Wagner's presence is still denied by the ruling junta.

Airbus satellite images, taken on 2 January by a Peiades satellite and analysed by the French artificial intelligence company Preligens, confirm the existence of this camp, which seems to be constructing rapidly."

➡ Read the full article in french on this link.

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